AV Enterprise Project launches the PROFESSIONAL UAV MASTER of drones

The UAV ENTERPRISE PROJECT association launches, through Drone by Drone and the rest of its associated companies, the MASTER UAV PROFESSIONAL, with the intention of offering specialized training for professionals who want to get the most out of drones in any field technical.

The PROFESSIONAL MASTER UAV is developed from the experience that the association's member companies have, among which is the UAS Operator based in Bizkaia, in fields as diverse as Precision Agriculture, Photogrammetry or Industrial Inspections. With an experience of more than 5 years in all these sectors, the Drone by Drone training team is at the disposal of the PROFESSIONAL MASTER UAV to provide students with all the knowledge acquired during professional work with drones carried out, including online theoretical classes and actual flight practices at sample facilities.

With a modular design, the PROFESSIONAL MASTER UAV can be taken in a complete way, obtaining a specialization in all the aforementioned sectors, or it can be taken in a modular way, being able to choose the modules of interest to the student.

The design of the Master is aimed at professionals in the drone sector who wish to acquire complementary knowledge about the specific technical areas of UAS, its complex regulations, as well as how to operate in all its fields of use or as part of its various areas of technical specialization.

Each of the modules is composed of a theoretical part, with 60 hours of classes, and a practical part, with 10 hours of flight practice.

If you want additional information, do not hesitate to contact Drone by Drone.

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