Drone by Drone in the XVI Toledo High-altitude Rescue Conference organized by Firefighters

Drone by Drone has participated in the XVI Conference on Rescue at Height organized by the Toledo Fire Department.

The UAS operating company in Bizkaia has been in charge of carrying out a drone flight demonstration for training in night search using unmanned aircraft. About 70 troops from different fire departments from all over Spain have gathered in Toledo, divided into various teams to attend both the theoretical training, the practices and the demonstrations carried out.

The air operations carried out have consisted of a series of demonstration flights using thermographic cameras of different capacities with UAS, with the attendees being able to follow the flights in real time, both in person and remotely. To do this, Drone by Drone has flown two different units, the DJI Mavic Enterprise Dual and the DJI Inspire 1 equipped with the effective Zenmuse XT-R, both specialized in night search and detection of missing persons. The attending firefighters were able to see different search drills first-hand.

These national days are an example of collaboration between administrations, in
benefit of the technical preparation of your firefighters-rescuers, which has
the ultimate goal is to raise awareness about the prevention of risks at work and specialized training, so that fire brigades come closer to achieving excellence in customer service.

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