Live news by drones for EiTB in Urdaibai

Drone by Drone has made aerial recordings for the live performance of the EiTB news, both for Gaur Egun and for the Teleberri.

In a set located in the heart of the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve, the news from the Basque regional channel were broadcast and made away from the usual sets, moving to the open field. On the occasion of the celebration in Glasgow of the Climate Summit, COP26, EiTB has carried out the broadcast from the natural emblem of Bizkaia, counting on the recording by drones and the broadcast of its images in rigorous direct.

After drawing up plans and resource images in the area of ​​Mundaka and Laida, the drone operating company of Bizkai has carried out the operations for the live broadcast of the aforementioned newscasts, which allows broadening the point of view on the cameras earthlings from the set.

We hope you can enjoy the images in the following link, corresponding to these ETB noon informational spaces.

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