3D digital model of lava flows from the Cumbre Vieja Volcano in La Palma, using UAS drones

Drone by Drone has collaborated with the CSIC, Higher Center for Scientific Research, and with the IPNA, Institute of Natural Products and Agrobiology, in the acquisition of aerial data and its processing on the lava flows of the Cumbre Vieja Volcano on the island of The Palm.

The video that is displayed is the animation of the 3D models generated, resulting from photogrammetric flights with a drone, in order to study the volcano-tectonic control of the eruption of La Palma in 2021. These studies seek to clarify the relationship that they could have the ground fractures visible on the surface with the present eruption. The geologist Pablo José González Méndez, a researcher in volcanology at the Institute of Natural Products and Agrobiology-CSIC, will be able to study the cracks and lava tubes, for the realization of possible prediction models and behavior of this type of phenomena.

These more realistic models could help to interpret the different processes, trying to reduce the volcanic risk on the planet, allowing the integration of information on changes in the elevation of the land due to volcanic activity.

Digital terrain models made by drones and processed using photogrammetry techniques, based on more than 3000 photographs, have covered about 200ha over the municipality of Las Manchas, famous for the cemetery devastated by the lava flows.

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