Drone by Drone and UAV Enterprise Project in Agrovid, Valladolid

Drone by Drone, as an associate and founding partner of UAV Enterprise Project, will be present at Agrovid, the trade fair specialized in vineyard cultivation organized by Feria de Valladolid.

This is the second edition of the event specialized in the wine sector and the first appointment of SIEB, Iberian Winery Equipment Exhibition. UAV Enterprise Project will have its own stand at the fair, from March 22 to 24, to serve all professionals in the wine sector who attend and thus be able to offer them the number of solutions in the field of precision agriculture through UAS or drones with which its associated companies have.

The technological aspect of the wine sector has its own space in Agrovid, with 'Agrotecnologica', sponsored by the Agrarian Technological Institute of the Junta de Castilla y León.

UAV Enterprise Project will present the Agrai 2.0 platform, a tool designed for monitoring farms. This tool uses telematic information through drones and satellites to check the status of the crop at any time. The constant monitoring of the crop allows the farmer to act when he detects areas of low vigor or in need of irrigation. In addition to this, Agrai 2.0 allows you to track how the crop evolves to a certain treatment.

The participation of UAV Enterprise Project in Agrovid will be complemented with the static exhibition of drones specialized in precision agriculture tasks applied to the vineyard, especially focused on the capture of multispectral data and the application of phytosanitary products.

Let us remember that drone flights contribute to efficient and sustainable management of agriculture and the environment. The use of remote sensing and the application of artificial intelligence tools allow vineyards to be monitored more effectively, carrying out the application of precision agriculture techniques, with the aim that farms can know the real state of their crops. as well as predict key agronomic parameters, such as production, quality and optimal harvest date.

We will show how drone or UAS technology allows us to increase the profitability and sustainability of wineries.

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