Aerial images of Drone by Drone in EiTB News - Ciril storm in April

The images using drones captured by Drone by Drone have opened the news last Friday.

The operating company registered with AESA has taken aerial images using drones or UAS for EiTB's information services during the passage of the Ciril storm, showing the heavy snowfall in the Basque Country in the first days of April.

The aerial images using drones that Drone by Drone has been recording during these days on account of the snow and cold storm in April have been shown by the information services of EiTB, the Basque public television channel, both in the Gaur Egun, and in the Teleberri and in the meteorological information services.

With complex weather conditions, flights have been possible in Altube, Gujuli and Markina, all of them areas of Araba, and issued this past Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd April.

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