We participate in the AquaGIS WorkShop in which associations from the Basque Country, Navarra and Catalonia collaborate

Drone by Drone, as a company specialized in the use of drones in precision agriculture, participates as a speaker in the AquaGIS WorkShop in which associations from the Basque Country, Navarra and Catalonia collaborate.

Drone by Drone works to improve the efficiency in the use of water by food industries through the implementation of innovative digital technologies, to respond to one of the greatest challenges of climate change in Spain: drought.

The Aqua-GIS project led by Vitartis is framed in this context, in which the Association of Knowledge Industries and Applied Technology of the Basque Country (GAIA), the Navarra Agrifood Cluster (NAGRIFOOD) and the Catalan Association for Innovation and Internationalization of the water sector Catalan Water Partnership (CWP). The objective of this initiative is to identify opportunities for collaboration and launch joint projects that allow companies in the sector to improve efficiency in the use of water. According to experts, 75% of the Iberian Peninsula is in "danger of desertification", as stated in the AEMET report 'Observed trends and projections of climate change in Spain'. In this sense, food companies consider digitization as a tool with great potential to improve decision-making regarding the management of water resources and to reduce the volume of water used in their processes.

The drone operating company has held an exhibition in which drones are presented as optimal tools for efficient crop management, focusing on flights for high-value data acquisition and subsequent processing, which allows us to determine areas with greater or lesser need for irrigation, and therefore, apply the risks in those places where it is most required. This allows a substantial saving in the amount of water used for irrigation, as well as reducing the amount of application of fertilizers or phytosanitary products.

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