Drone by Drone participates in DronExpo as an exhibitor with UAV Enterprise Project

Drone by Drone, as an associate and founding partner of UAV Enterprise Project, participates in DronExpo 2022, the Professional Congress Fair of Platforms and Applications for Unmanned Systems or UAS, which will take place on May 11 and 12 in Madrid.

DronExpo will be the benchmark meeting for UAS professionals and their applications, tailored to the Spanish drone industry, integrating all subsectors, to present the latest developments in the sector and find opportunities for collaboration between companies and administrations. The objective of the Congress Fair is the promotion of projects and businesses, to be at the forefront of information on the technological future in the field of unmanned aviation.

DRONExpo will take place in parallel with the TECNOSEC fair, dedicated to technology for police and security equipment and systems, which is a perfect complement for drones, as it is considered a fundamental tool for the Security Forces and Bodies.

DRONExpo is an APTIE event, organizer of secuDrone, the benchmark conference on drones, anti-drones and security applications, whose fourth edition was held in June 2021 in Madrid.

The list of participants, in addition to the operating companies associated with the UAV Enterprise Project, includes Aeromedia, SDLE Aeronautics, Alter Technology, Avistadrone, Boeing, Catec, Ehang, Ineco or Telefónica, among others.

UAV Enterprise Project, in addition to presenting the new DJI M30T for the first time at its stand, and the multiple technical applications that are carried out through the use of drones, will participate in the presentations, presenting the Agrai 2.0 platform, a tool designed for monitoring farms . This tool uses telematic information through drones and satellites to check the status of the crop at any time.

An opportunity to learn about the uses and professional applications in the field of unmanned aviation. Do not hesitate to register for free using the following link:

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