Live broadcast of trawler regattas for EiTB Kirolak

This past weekend we have provided live broadcasts for EiTB in the trawler regattas XXI Bandera del Ayuntamiento de Sestao and XLIII Bandera de Santurtzi of the Liga Eusko Label ACT.

Drone by Drone has broadcast some incredible aerial images in a privileged environment, with the Hanging Bridge as an exceptional witness. A somewhat peculiar condition with the presence of the north wind and the currents due to the tidal changes in the estuary, which have affected the different lengths differently, offering the drone a vision of the strategies followed by each of the patterns. of the trawlers. The judges have had to take great care to monitor and thus avoid the occupation of adjoining streets by rival traineras, given the possibility of obtaining a small benefit from the current or the wind.

The recordings broadcast live by drone for the EiTB sports services have managed to bring the effort of the rowers closer to the public from a privileged point of view, giving the shots a kinematics and closeness until now difficult to obtain by means of a manned helicopter.

The Ama Guadalupekoa de Hondarribia has prevailed both on Saturday and Sunday, placing herself as leaders of the general classification, in a tough dispute with Urdaibai and Donostiarra.

You can view the interview conducted by the EiTB services to explain how the broadcasts were going to be carried out at the following link:

In addition, in the following links you can enjoy the retransmission of both flags in the waters of the Bilbao estuary:
Sestaoko Ikurriña:

Santurtziko Ikurriña:

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