Accreditation of practical training of UAS STS-ES-01 and STS-ES-02 by Drone by Drone

Drone by Drone continues to provide practical training in the national standard scenarios, STS-ES-01 and STS-ES-02, for a new group of student-pilots.

Continuing with the training work that we began in 2015, Drone by Drone as a UAS operator registered with AESA, and recognized as a training entity by the State Aviation Safety Agency, carries out this UAS training periodically, according to the demand for student pilots generated, and as groups are formed.

During this month of September we have enjoyed good weather conditions, and we have enjoyed ideal temperature and visibility conditions. Drone by Drone has taken the opportunity to carry out UAS flight practices, assuming that the students have also been able to enjoy the flights.

Let us remember that to fly under the specific category in these scenarios, the remote pilot, in addition to having to have the theoretical STS certificate issued by AESA, must complete the training and evaluation of practical skills following the specifications defined by AESA and by the Execution Regulation (EU) 2019/947 regarding the rules and procedures applicable to the use of unmanned aircraft, drones or UAS.

The next group that we establish will be in mid-October, so if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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