We participate in the Provider Program at the Zamudio BIC

Drone by Drone participates in IV. edition of the Provider Program, promoted by the Provincial Council of Bizkaia and Tknika in order to favor the generation from Vocational Training of new business providers of solutions to the industry of the future.

Tknika is a center promoted by the Vice-Ministry of Vocational Training of the Department of Education of the Basque Government whose main objective is to contribute to the improvement of the standards and quality of VET in Euskadi.

Within the Provider program, the UAS operating company in Bizkaia has held a presentation and dissemination session for some 60 students selected from among the 27 vocational training centers in the Basque Country, in which the drone or UAS has been the main protagonist. The use of unmanned aircraft has been exposed as a tool for many sectors, with many possibilities for growth and innovation. Success stories have been shown in sectors such as audiovisual, civil works and topography, precision agriculture, technical inspections, emergencies and protection, etc. All this with the idea of ​​promoting innovation among attendees and future entrepreneurs.

The day has included flight demonstrations whose objective has been to carry out a thermographic inspection of the facilities of the building itself where the BIC Zamudio is housed in the Technology Park.

In addition, Drone by Drone has given two workshops consisting of:
- Thermographic photography interpretation workshop.
- DIY drone assembly and configuration workshop.

Tknika has also taught a toy drone piloting workshop in one of the classrooms at the Zamudio center.

All this to show the students and teachers of the VET centers the complete workflow and the results that can be obtained.

From Drone by Drone, we would like to thank the promoters of the Provider Program for the opportunity to approach such a dedicated public and the possibility of continuing to spread and raise awareness about unmanned aviation, both in its full use and in the responsible use of the tool.

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