Renewal of AESA UAS operator certificate due to expiration

With the entry into force of the European regulations, specifically the Implementing Regulation (EU) 2019/947 of the Commission regarding the rules and procedures applicable to the use of unmanned aircraft (UA), from 2021 the operators that carry out drone or UAS flights weighing more than 250g or carrying a camera (of any MTOW), must register as UAS operators with the State Aviation Safety Agency (AESA).

This requirement, established in article 14 of Implementing Regulation 947/2019, is mandatory for all persons or organizations that carry out flights using unmanned aircraft (that are not considered toys) and establishes the UAS operators Registration system that Member States shall keep up to date.

Due to the fact that two years have passed since the entry into force of the European regulations, and that the validity of the UAS operator certificates was 2 years, operators who continue to carry out flights using drones must renew the certificate. of UAS operator.

To comply with this regulatory requirement, UAS operators must review the information provided at least every 2 years by accessing their UAS application account, through the following link:

The operator may have to modify their data (or not) or extend the expiration date that appears in the UA operator registration certificate, so they must do so on their own initiative, by modifying their registration.

Through the 'Administrative Data' section, you must scroll down and press the 'Modify Operator Registration/Modify' button. In this way, once the registration modification is signed, the UAS operator certificate can be downloaded with an extension in the validity of the operator registration of 2 additional years.

Although, according to AESA announces in its informative note, the UAS operator registration certificate issued by AESA will continue to be valid, regardless of the expiration date that appears on the UAS operator registration certificate itself, until it is available, in the following months, the cancellation of the registration in the Registry if the revalidation does not take place before the expiration of the indicated term.

Therefore, remember to register in the registry if necessary or update the expiration date of the certificate as indicated, in order to continue flying under the law regarding unmanned aircraft.

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