FIRMATEK mentions DRONE BY DRONE in Archeology article

FIRMATEK, an American company providing land and air data for the execution of works, mining and open-air operations, mentioned the work carried out by Drone by Drone in the field of Archeology.

Drone by Drone carried out the 3D surveying and reconstruction of the archaeological site of the Castillo de Santa Marta in Pancorbo. A precision work carried out by the drones of the operating company based in Bilbao that has echoed internationally.

You can check the article, titled "Ancient Sites and Modern Tech: How the Tools We Use Help Archeologists, Too" in the following link.


An article in which the different techniques for the acquisition of aerial data in different disciplines are analyzed in a generic way. The work done by Drone by Drone is not only limited to aerial photography, but in this case, a 3D reconstruction of the whole site and the surrounding environment was also carried out.


We are proud to see our jobs mentioned by leading American companies in their industry.

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