Collaborating with HugoMarker and 'Olga y Antuan' for 'Somos Uno Más en la Familia'

Drone by Drone has collaborated with the channels of YouTube of 'HugoMarker' and 'Olga and Antuan' for the solidarity cause that is being carried out by the NGO World Vision Foundation called 'One More in the Family'.

The final plans of the videos of both channels in which it collaborates with the mentioned NGO to be able to sponsor a child in Bolivia, have been realized by Drone by Drone.

We are especially proud to be able to collaborate with these programs, making our drones available to such initiatives.

Thanks to our Director of Operations, Jordi Monedero and Olga, Antonio and Hugo for allowing us to put our small, almost tiny, granite of sand.

This is the web of the initiative:


The videos can be seen in the following links:

HugoMarker Youtube Channel:

Olga and Antuan Youtube Channel:

Help them.

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