Drone pilot school in Bilbao, Biscay

With the entry into force of the EU Implementing Regulation 947/2019 as of December 31, 2020, the training for UAS pilos is modified with respect to the training required under the Spanish laws RD1036 / 2017 or Law 18/2014 in which teaching and training was given to obtain the theoretical certificate (basic or advanced) and the practical certificate according to drone models or similar classes.

Drone by Drone as a practical training entity recognized by AESA since March 2021 and as a drone operator company with extensive experience in the training of drone pilots or UAS (new term introduced with European legislation) offers interested parties a training offer based on the training requirements published by the State Agency for Aviation Safety (AESA) and in the possibilities offered to us as training organizations for UAS operators.

Theoretical training is carried out online and in person, with remote study tools.

Basic Package: Price € 100
  • Advice on registration tasks
  • Insurance advice on civil liability for drones
  • Tutoring for theoretical knowledge of the UAS User Manual in Level 0 training for UAS of category C0 or UAS under 250g. MTOM.
  • Tutoring for the theoretical syllabus and exams of the open categories A1 / A3
  • Advice for validation of certificates according to regulations prior to European regulations.
Level 2 Package: Price € 280
  • Includes basic package
  • Theoretical training to obtain the certificate for open category A2
  • Accompaniment in self-practical training with advice and face-to-face guidance during the necessary flights according to what is stipulated by AESA.
  • Tutoring to fill in the category A2 exam before AESA.
Premium Package Level 3: Price € 590
  • Includes basic package and level 2
  • Theoretical training for the national standard scenarios published by AESA for a specific category, both the STS-ES 01 for VLOS flights over a controlled land area in a populated environment and STS-ES 02 for BVLOS flights with airspace observers in a sparsely populated environment.
  • Tutoring to fill in the exam of standard scenarios of a specific category.
  • Training and evaluation of practical skills.
  • Assistance in the operational declaration and writing of associated documentation.
Personalized package

For advice on UAS flights in a specific category under operational authorization or for flights in a certified category, do not hesitate to consult personalized advice and document writing options and check the price.

Radiophonist Certificate: Consult

Theoretical and practical training according to current legislation to obtain the Certificate of Qualification as Radiophonist for drone pilots or UAS for flight in geographical areas of general UAS for reasons of operational safety in controlled airspace, information areas of flight and aerodrome environment.

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