Drone by Drone at Global Innovation Day by Innobasque in Bilbao

Drone by Drone has been present at the Global Innovation Day 2017 organized by Innobasque, the Basque Innovation Agency.

The appointment with the innovation took place in the Euskalduna Palace of Bilbao, bringing together a large number of companies with innovative technological solutions.

Drone by Drone is proud to be able to participate in the event for another year. The Basque drone operator company has come with a small representation of their fleet of drones or RPAS, from the smallest DJI Mavic, through the DJI Inspire 1 Pro to the biggest DJI Matrice 600 equipped with a thermal camera.

Framed in the Time Capsule route, the technological stand presented by Drone by Drone has tried to bring the applications of drones equipped with thermographic cameras to the public. All a delight for the multiple attendees who came by our stand, where they could see their thermal image live and portray themselves.

The Drone by Drone stand has had numerous echoes in media, such as the Telenorte news of TVE, Telebilbao or the ETB2 'Ahora' program. You can see the spot of TeleBilbao in the following link:


In addition we have the kind visit of Axier Otxoa owner of the channel of Youtbe AR drone 8A, which has collected in a beautiful video our presence in the Global Innovation Day of 2017. You can see it in the following link:


We thank Innobasque for the possibility of collaborating in this type of events. Surely in the future we will continue to do with new applications and surprising even more, if possible.

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