3rd Promotion of Drone Pilots formed by Drone by Drone

3rd Drone Pilots Promotion formed by Drone by Drone completed the full course last week.

The full course consists of theoretical and practical classes ended at the airfield of Zeberio with practical test in which students performed the maneuvers required under current legislation, crediting as drone professional pilots

After 6 weeks of theoretical training and face week course students have achieved qualification as advanced RPAS pilots and practical management certificate for light quadricopters.

All practical training has been carried out by the DJI Phantom 3 Pro, which because of its versatility allows flight and landing safely, making available to the student all possible safety systems to ensure 100% profitable practices.

Students have had the opportunity to fly for three days in our exclusive field, with an unbeatable weather and can perform multiple maneuvers, long-haul flights and simulations of all possible system failures.

The next promotion will begin the course next September. Do not fail to sign up.