Drones Pilot Training Course in Barakaldo by Inguralde - Unemployed

The City Council of Barakaldo, through its Agency for development Inguralde , offers training courses on drone piloting subsidized within the Txertatu Merkatuan program.

The courses of drone pilots or RPAS are published at the following web address.


Tomorrow, Tuesday November 21, there will be a presentation of the course for those people who, not being previously registered, can participate in the training. The hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at the Inguralde facilities in Beurko Viejo, 3, Pavilion 38, Beurkozarra Kalea.

These are the requirements that applicants for RPAS pilots must meet:

- Be enrolled in both the Youth Guarantee System (SGJ) and LANBIDE

- Have an age between 18 and 29 years

- Being unemployed or underemployed (meaning those people who have a weekend or part-time or precarious job) compatible with the schedule schedule

- Primary studies, secondary vocational training (up to FP1, both completed and not completed) as well as young people who dropped out of university

- To be registered in the left margin, preferably in Barakaldo

- Not having received educational actions on the calendar day prior to the filing date of the application in the SGJ

- Not having received training actions on the calendar day prior to the filing date of the application in the SGJ

- Have a clear motivation to participate in these itineraries.

Do not hesitate to contact the phone that appears on the web in case of doubt, or stop taking advantage of this magnificent opportunity.

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