Drone by Drone participates in the musical video 'Els Segadors' of the album FOK by Kepa Junkera

Drone by Drone has had the pleasure to participate again in the elaboration of the music video of the song 'Els Segadors' of the FOK album of Kepa Junkera.

FOK is an approach full of feelings and emotions to one of the most powerful cultures of the Mediterranean, with the common thread of the Catalan language. Kepa Junkera delves into melodies and rhythms rooted in Catalan, Valencian, Balearic and Sardinian societies. A project with very strong roots from which new branches and unique flowers emerge. For this song, Kepa Junkera has had the collaboration of the Catalan artist Marina Rossell.

The aerial images by drone used in the video clip of FOK "Els Segadors" show the Basque rural sport of the segalaris or grass cutters, with its unmistakable scythe, a cultural wink of this new album by Kepa Junkera.

Enjoy the ambient sound, the music and the aerial images recorded by the drone operating company in the heart of Euskadi.

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