Drone by Drone interviewed in the Telecinco news: New professions, drone pilot

Drone by Drone has been interviewed by the news of Telecinco about the drone piloting and the new professional field that opens.

The interview that was broadcast last Friday in the news of the television network focuses on new professions, among which the drone pilot stands out.

The drone operating company of Bilbao has extensive experience in the field of professional drones, since it is enabled by the State Agency for Air Safety since 2014, date of the publication of the first Royal Decree and subsequently Law regulating the professional operation of drones in Spain.

In the case of a new professional sector, it is understandable that it has a hopeful horizon for the future, given that drones or RPAS will be indispensable tools in many fields. The reality of the sector is that with the legal constraints imposed to safeguard aviation safety and the safety of people on land, growth is slowing down. Despite this problem, in Spain there is a growing number of drone operators, who must have qualified pilots. For that reason we consider that it is a profession of the future, although perhaps in the short term it may cost to obtain the expected performance.

With the entry into force of the future European regulation, which will do so gradually between this year and next, the future will be clarified for drone pilots, allowing the professional development of the sector, with a safe and reasonable growth for the business interests.

You can see the interview in the following link, in which our Technnical Director appears around the minute 30:35:


A pleasure to have participated in the interview, which despite commenting many more important aspects, the television appearance is a few seconds. We have no choice but to continue spreading about the bonuses of the RPAS.

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