I Course of Qualification of Radiophonist for RPAS by Drone by Drone

Drone by Drone announces the delivery of the Course of Radiofonista for pilots of RPAS official recognized by AESA.

The radiophonist qualification allows the pilot of the RPAS to perform specialized air operations in controlled airspace, being one of the requirements imposed by the RD1036 / 2017 to obtain the necessary authorization from the State Agency for Air Safety.

The course to obtain the radiophonist qualification will be taught by specialized Drone by Drone personnel on September 25 and 26, 2019. During the face-to-face classes that will take place in our Basauri facilities, theoretical and practical aspects will be discussed, such and as established in appendix I Revision 3 of 07/27/2018 of Acceptable Means of Compliance Relating to the Training and Certification of RPAS Pilots for Training Organizations.

The price of the course is € 200 per student. As a launch offer, if you sign up before August 15 to the first course taught by Drone by Drone, the cost per student will be € 180.

Quite an opportunity to continue training as a drone pilot and prepare for the future.

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