Search and rescue of people using drones using thermographic cameras

Drone by Drone uses drones to search and rescue missing persons, both in the mountains and at sea.

Equipped with thermographic cameras, drones become fundamental tools in the tasks of search and rescue of missing persons, where time runs against the achievement of the objective. Drones, being portable aircraft and easily deployable in virtually any environment, are complementary tools in search devices that perform emergency services. Its effectiveness increases at night, since thermal imaging cameras are able to more effectively track a person's body heat against colder terrain. In addition, conventional emergency air means do not usually fly at night, so the effectiveness of aerial images is usually lost, with drones coming to cover this important night period. The current legislation, under an emergency or public calamity, allows authorized operators to carry out specialized air operations, despite not having an express authorization from AESA, if requested by the emergency management administration.

The drone operator based in Bilbao has a wide range of drones and cameras for these purposes, mainly highlighting two teams:
- The FLIR XT thermal imager capable of being carried by DJI Inspire 1 or Matrice 600
- The DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual, more portable and lightweight

The combination of both tools makes the search and rescue service effective. While the Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual is lighter and can be ported to hard-to-reach places with a camera with limited capabilities, the Matrice 600 allows great flight autonomy with a powerful thermal imager, and the ability to retransmit the image in time real to command and control centers.

Tools with which Drone by Drone works in the field of emergencies.

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