Drone by Drone uses cablecam for aerial recordings

Drone by Drone uses the latest technology available in the audiovisual sector.

In places that for legal reasons it is forbidden to fly with drones, either because it is an urban nucleus, controlled airspace or crowds of people outdoors, the RPAS operating company uses various drones substitute tools.

Systems such as cablecam, cranes, poles or even other aircraft, such as helicopters or light aircraft, to make aerial video recordings or obtain aerial photography, are very common in our daily work. The combination of these elements together with a new generation of cameras with very stable image stabilization, including 360º vision cameras, is allowing us to obtain spectacular images. Stay tuned for the new Projects that will see the light before the end of the year.

At the moment and waiting for the authorizations to fly in the scenarios contemplated by the RD1036 / 2017, we have no choice but to adapt and use our creativity.

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