Promotion of Entrepreneurship through StartInnova of El Correo, Drone by Drone

The Technical Director of Drone by Drone has participated in the StartInnova program that aims to promote entrepreneurship among high school and Vocational Training students, promoted by 'El Correo'.

Within the entrepreneurship program, the Technical Director of the drone operating company has given a presentation at the La Salle school in Bilbao to high school students, trying to provide the keys for the implementation of an innovative business project. The opportunity, the differential value, the driving team, the enthusiasm or the effort, are some of the keys to get an idea or a project in the hard labor market. These lines are the ones that, together with professionalism, mark the foundations of Drone by Drone.

For Ander García, a former student of La Salle School, it has been a beautiful experience to share these reflections and the knowledge of the drone tool with future generations. A real pleasure to contribute to disseminate our work and enthusiasm.

The Basque Government, the Bilbao City Council and the Sabadell Bank collaborate with the StartInnova program.

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