EASA drones publishes the consolidated text that includes the regulations, AMC and GM.

EASA, the European Aviation Safety Agency, has published a consolidated text containing the regulations and procedures for the flight of drones or RPAS, in a more readable format than each of the documents themselves.

Last week, EASA released this document, which includes Regulation 947, Regulation 945, Acceptable Means of Compliance (AMC) and Guidance Material (GM). A link of great value since it will be updated with the changes that occur in each of the sections of the regulation, and at the same time easy to read, since each article of the aforementioned regulations is accompanied by its corresponding explanation through GM or AMC to clarify and make this article applicable.

For example:
In Article 2, Definitions, of Regulation 947, a series of important concepts are defined, which speaks of 'agglomeration of people'. In this consolidated text, apart from the definition of 'agglomeration of people or gathering of people' that may be a little scarce, guiding material (GM) is provided in which it complements and tries to explain the given definition itself.

Assemblies of people have been defined by an objective criterion related to the possibility for an
individual to move around in order to limit the consequences of an out-of-control UA. It was indeed
difficult to propose a number of people above which this group of people would turn into an assembly
of people: numbers were indeed proposed, but they showed quite a large variation. Qualitative
examples of assemblies of people are:
(a) sport, cultural, religious or political events;
(b) beaches or parks on a sunny day;
(c) commercial streets during the opening hours of the shops; and
(d) ski resorts/tracks/lanes.'

Very useful and with very clear explanations to facilitate the understanding of the regulations and their application.

The approved regulations, are in force from June 2019, and will be applied progressively from July 1, 2020, as stated in the regulations themselves, and will apply equally to recreational users as to professionals.

RD 1036/2017 that regulates in Spain the civil use of drones will continue to apply and a new Royal Decree that includes European regulations is not ruled out.

You can check them at the following link:

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