Drone by Drone participates in the online debate convened by LleidaDrone and Aedron

The Aedron and LleidaDrone associations convene an online debate on the situation of the Drone sector in Spain during this period of confinement and its future.

The debate will feature a dozen operators and specialists from all over the territory who will present their opinions at this time of change.

The LleidaDrone Association together with the Spanish Association of Drones and Allies, AEDRON, will hold an online event on May 23 at 19:00 through social media and live streaming via YouTube and Facebook. It will have the presence of various national operators of the drone sector and will aim to debate the current situation of the sector under the confinement of the Coronavirus and the future that comes with the national de-escalation in phases.

Other guests will include: Aerofor, Aerial-Insights, Droning You, Ritrac, Drone by Drone, Falcon Air Shot, Dysa, Airk and representatives from LleidaDrone and Aedron.

LleidaDrone and Aedron also intend with this debate that there will be participation of other operators and interested parties through online chats on Facebook, Youtube and Twitter during the streaming with the hashtag #DebateDron.

Live links and interaction:

- Video stream: https://www.facebook.com/aedrone

- Video stream: https://www.facebook.com/aedrone

- Twitter hashtag: https://www.facebook.com/aedrone

For more information: Aedron.com and LleidaDrone.com

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