Renewables, drones and opportunities, in CINCO DÍAS - EL PAIS

The drone sector has many applications and the renewable sector could not be less. With a capacity for capturing precise aerial data, on demand and in a different format, UAS are the perfect tool for the analysis, study and maintenance of renewable energy facilities.

Renewables, there is no doubt that they are constituted as an emerging sector, as the article in CINCO DÍAS mentions, attracting Spanish and foreign interests, also in this case from the banking sector.

We are happy to see an aerial photograph taken by Drone by Drone in the news that illustrates this aspect, in which photovoltaic fields are one of the main present and future assets of power generation. Due to the work we carry out in these fields, we are aware of the capabilities of drones in this sector, helping to boost returns on investments made.

You can consult about the interests of funds and foreign banks in this strategic sector in the CINCO DÍAS´s article that is illustrated by a photograph taken by Drone by Drone:

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