Precision agriculture work using drones in olive trees

Drone by Drone has held days of precision agriculture work in the Andalusian olive grove.

The work using drones has required a maximum demand on the part of the flight teams of the Bilbao UAS operating company, since the aerial data obtained have been obtained with maximum precision, for a detailed study of the variabilities in large plots.

Through our RPAS equipment, together with the maximum precision of the differential GPS, the precision obtained is centrimetric, being able to discriminate between very close areas to customize the agricultural treatment required in each case and thus save resources, both monetary and physical, ecological or environmental. .

They have been hard days of work, with highly variable weather conditions, demanding the maximum from our human team. However, we are fully satisfied with the previewed results. The processing of the aerial data obtained will still require some additional time.

In addition, we have been able to contemplate from the air the immense landscapes of olive groves. A spectacular vision, very different from what we are used to seeing.

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