3D digital model of Butron Castle using UAS drones

Drone by Drone has made the 3D digital model of Butrón Castle using photogrammetry techniques with drones or UAS. Some jobs in which the Bizkaia operating company is a specialist, this time in a place close to our base of operations and with the necessary authorization for flight in the Bilbao Airport CTR. A location where we really wanted to fly using drones, and which requires the corresponding authorization from ENAIRE for flight in controlled airspace, coordinated with the Bilbao Airport.

Butrón Castle is an emblem of the Uribe Costa region, located between Urduliz and Gatika, much visited by the Biscayan people and by more and more tourists. It is a neo-Gothic castle of medieval origin located in the municipality of Gatika (Bizkaia), whose origin dates back to the Middle Ages as a tower-house of the Butrón lineage. Its current appearance responds to a profound remodeling carried out in the 19th century by the Marquis of Cubas.

It is currently closed to the public, although in the near past it was open to visitors as a museum.

We hope you enjoy the video, which is still a digital recreation of the royal castle, reconstructed in 3D.

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