Drone flights in 'San Juan de Gaztelugatxe'

After a long time of waiting, Drone by Drone has managed to fly its drones again in San Juan de Gaztelugatxe and its surroundings.

Let us remember that the islet and its marine area is considered a Protected Biotope, so the area requires great respect for the birdlife that inhabits it. That is why the drone operation in the area is subject to coordination with the technicians of the Provincial Council of Bizkaia, who monitor the possible deterioration of the area. The UAS operator in Bizkaia has had to delay the operations that were planned until the natural and environmental conditions have guaranteed the minimum risk to the birds. The area is a common nesting place for several pairs of peregrine falcons, so extreme precautions must be taken.

The good news is that after a long wait, it has been possible to carry out aerial operations using UAS for audiovisual recordings in different formats and for the capture of more technical aerial data, which we hope will soon see the light of day.

We are always pleased to return to an area with so much tradition and memories for all the staff of Drone by Drone, since not in vain, before San Juan de Gaztelugatxe was placed on the map thanks to Game of Thrones, it was a common place of filming. As we expected, the environment continues to be spectacular, especially with the impossibility of access for visitors, which make the place a perfect setting for recordings.

We are sure that we will soon return to the area with a new project. Stay tuned ...

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