We fly in Torre Iberdrola in Bilbao for Marca interviewing Williams

Drone by Drone has participated in the interview that the sports newspaper MARCA has conducted with the Athletic Club footballer, Iñaki Williams, with the contribution of audiovisual material by drone.

Record of the Athletic striker that makes history, linking 203 matches in a row since 2016, being the footballer with the most matches.

The interview was carried out at the heliport of the Iberdrola Tower in Bilbao, a place that stands out for its incredible views over the entire city, including San Mamés and the Gugghenheim. Not surprisingly, it is the tallest building on the Bilbao skyline with its 165 meters, rivaling some nearby mountains. A location rightly selected by BRAND reporters, but which at the drone flight level represents a great technical and legal challenge. Let us remember that the building is located within the controlled airspace of the Bilbao airport and it is also located in an urban area.

Here is the link where you can follow the interview, including a small video that was made for this purpose, including images of drones or UAS. Enjoy the views ...


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