Drone by Drone is Digitizing Agent of the Next Generation EU Digital Kit Program within the Transformation and Resilience Recovery Plan

Drone by Drone becomes a 'Digitalizing Agent' associated with the call for aid from the Digital Kit Program, with express mention of the European funds “Next Generation EU” within the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan.

The solutions based on the use of drones offered by the Biscay-based UAS operator company as a 'Digitizing Agent' are:


Aerial photography can be both for civil use and for a more artistic or personal use, as they allow the most spectacular scenarios or unforgettable moments to be captured in detail, allowing the digitization of images for renderings, infographics or commercial documentation. In addition, we offer a 360º aerial panoramic photography service so that the view from the air is complete, being able to view it through Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality.

Drone By Drone offers the possibility of getting incredible shots with our drones specially equipped for video production. Recording of events both outdoors and indoors, with a unique and innovative perspective reflected with high-quality video. Thanks to the advanced stabilization systems for both the Drone and its recording system, we achieve spectacular results.


We carry out drone operation services for the acquisition of digital data, aimed at improving the efficiency of drafting projects, construction controls, technical inspections of buildings and reviews of building roofs.

We are specialists in inspection of supports, metal structures and communication towers, inspection of corrosion and inspection of insulation by means of thermographic and RGB cameras, being able to make digital models or 'digital twins' of the assets of our clients in the industrial sector, for a more efficient maintenance.

Types of sectors or clients in which this type of services can be applied:
- Preventive Maintenance
- Open pit mine evaluations
- Inspections of pipelines, dams and bridges
- Power plant inspections
- Inspection of ski resorts
- Applied thermography
- Inspection of solar farms and wind farms


Drone by Drone, through the operation of the fixed-wing Sensefly eBee Ag or other types of multicopter drones equipped with multispectral cameras, obtains aerial data through visible spectrum, infrared spectrum or thermal spectrum cameras. The data obtained is reflected in digital reflectance maps. The applications in the field of Agriculture and Livestock are innumerable, the drone becoming an essential tool for the so-called Precision Agriculture, providing an exceptional aerial observation platform that provides a multitude of useful digital data, such as:
- Expertise of damages and disasters
- Elaboration of reflectance maps
- Generation of spectral maps for agricultural indices such as NDVI
- Irrigation control for water management
- Evaluation using multispectral cameras
- Surveillance and pest control
- Detection and reconfiguration of boundaries


The services that the UAS operator can offer through the operation of drones can be essential for the acquisition of data and monitoring by the Security Forces and Bodies and the Civil Protection Services, allowing the digitalization of the environment in real time, to decision-making in the following emergency cases:
- Search and location of missing persons
- Observation and data collection
- Communications link
- Fire control and evaluation of accidents and disasters
- Forward Air Command Post
- Border control
- Police investigations and expertise


Drone by Drone has a large fleet of multicopter and fixed-wing drones that are put at the service of Archaeology, becoming essential tools for the following jobs:

Archaeological monitoring of civil works to plan archaeological actions or the incidence of civil works in archaeological sites.
Aerial photography for aerial documentation of the archaeological works with highly detailed photographs to generate a total or partial panoramic view of the site. Through the use of photogrammetric techniques and software, valuable orthophotos can be made.
Prospecting of large surfaces for the location of possible remains, which can be combined with 3D modeling of the land on which to carry out any archaeological action (prospecting, surveys, excavations, etc.)
Monitoring of deposits from the air to determine possible alterations to them (due to agricultural activity, vandalism, advance of vegetation, natural causes, etc.), which allows planning the most suitable management actions.
3D modeling of the terrain prior to excavation and completion for verification and measurement of the earthwork carried out.
Documentation of the architecture of archaeological buildings allowing the reading of walls in high areas and difficult to access.
Location of remains in the intertidal zone for marine archaeology.
Aerial landscape documentation for photographic use in GIS/SIG.

Do not hesitate to request a quote for the service that best suits your needs.

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