Drone by Drone for News EiTB - Snow storm due to polar air mass

Drone by Drone has made aerial images using drones or UAS for the EiTB information services showing the copious snowfall in the Basque Country, due to the presence of a polar air mass over the north of the peninsula.

The aerial images by drone that the UAS operating company recorded during the first hours of the snow storm have been shown by the information services of EiTB, the Basque public television channel, both on the Gaur Egun of ETB1, and on the Teleberri of ETB2.

With complex weather conditions, it was possible to carry out flights in Altube, Salvatierra, over the Alavesa plain, in Zuia and in Orozko (Bizkaia) issued this past Wednesday, January 18.

We hope to continue capturing the rigors of winter through our drones, to enjoy the beautiful images that this season of the year leaves us.

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