Drone by Drone with EIKEN in the new strategic lines of the Basque audiovisual sector

Eiken (Basque Audiovisual Cluster) of which Drone by Drone is a part and EiTB work together to 'dimension and strengthen' the Basque audiovisual sector

The leading role of technological innovation, digital transformation, and the sustainability of content and services drives and renews EIKEN's lines of action, in which drones or unmanned aircraft are an essential part, and expands its commitment in terms of programs and activities.

Last Friday, March 10, Eiken, GAIA and EiTB presented a joint work plan to 'dimension and reinforce' the Basque audiovisual sector in the 2023-24 horizon. They start from the "necessary alignment of the strategic lines of the audiovisual sector of the Basque Country with the parameters established by the European Union". The presentation of the new lines of action took place at the San Sebastián-Tabakalera International Center for Contemporary Culture and was attended by representatives of EU companies.- Eiken and EiTB work together to "dimension and reinforce" the Basque audiovisual sector linked to the Basque audiovisual sector. The San Sebastian Councilor for Culture, Jon Insausti, opened the event, while the Basque Government's Minister for Culture and Language Policy, Bingen Zupiria, closed it. In their speeches, the general director of EiTB, Andoni Aldekoa, and the president of Eiken, Aletxu Echevarría, gave an account of the details of the work plan developed by both entities, with the aim of "reinforcing the ecosystem of the audiovisual sector.

The 6 lines of work presented by the EIKEN president, identified as priorities, are:

- Creation of innovative Contents that generate social impact promoted by EIKEN, and third parties.
- Development of a pioneering project on audiovisual metadata.
- Promotion of virtual production around new digital infrastructures.
- Promotion of trade missions and participation in forums and international projects.
- Development of training profiles in the sector.
- Sustainable Content Management within the objectives of SDG and the Green Deal.

The Audiovisual Cluster of which Drone by Drone is a part, adapts to changing times, and already in 2015 incorporated digital formats into its line of action to help give impetus to the new reality of the sector, more complex, and with new needs digital.

In 2020, EIKEN becomes part of the GAIA Group, the Association of Knowledge Industries and Applied Technologies. This incorporation, as a subcluster, implies the creation of greater and more diverse intersectoral synergies in an increasingly digital and global ecosystem, in which UAS play a determining role as work tools and content generators.

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