Drone by Drone interviewed on Tele7's 'Objetivo Emprender' Program

The local television channel Tele 7 has interviewed our Technical Director, Ander García, in the program 'Objective: Emprender'.

The interview carried out through the online platform Zoom and broadcast live on Tele 7 focused on the innovative and entrepreneurial nature of the activity of the Bizkaia drone operating company, highlighting the wide range of drone operation and piloting services that we offer.

Directed by the presenter Susana Porras, the interview begins by recalling the origins of Drone by Drone, back in 2014, when we managed to be the first company authorized by the State Aviation Safety Agency in Euskadi. Since then, our experience has been growing, accumulating success stories and examples in which the use of drones compared to traditional aerial means or vertical human work shows its effectiveness.

The use of the drone tool or the use of unmanned aircraft, or UAS, is already innovative in itself, applying the concept to pre-established production processes, and achieving substantial and considerable improvements. Our desire is to continue in the same line, betting on the dissemination and use of drones in innovative processes that facilitate, save or make work for our clients more sustainable. Examples of successful work carried out by Drone by Drone are numerous, in sectors as diverse as Precision Agriculture, Industrial Inspections, Security or Audiovisual.

During the interview we recalled the importance of flying following the established rules, mainly included in the EU Implementing Regulation 947/2019, which establishes the mandatory registration, training and possession of RCA insurance for anyone who pilots a drone. or UAS with camera. If you have any questions about where you can fly and what requirements you have to meet, do not hesitate to ask us for information.

You can enjoy the interview in the following link:

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