Offshore work for SAITEC in the DemoSATH project in BIMEP, Armintza

We completed our aerial recording work using drones on the DemoSATH project, a floating wind turbine prototype from SAITEC engineering.

For more than two years, Drone by Drone has been monitoring the construction, installation, launching and transfer of the floating wind turbine using unmanned aircraft, both in the Port of Bilbao and in the open sea.

The DemoSATH project is a floating platform prototype developed by the Basque engineering company Saitec Offshore Technologies, which was installed in mid-August in the waters of the BIMEP marine testing area, two miles away from the Biscayan coast of Armintza. The platform, on which a two-megawatt wind turbine is located, has been moved from the Port of Bilbao, where it was built, by Alianza Windstaller. The SATH (Swinging Around Twin Hull) technology consists of a double-hulled catamaran-type barge made up of two cylindrical floats of prefabricated modular concrete braced together and to submerged plates of the same material. It is characterized by having a single mooring point (single point mooring), which allows it to align with the direction of the wind to make the most of the wind resource.

From this moment, the system operation tests and its maintenance begin in order to demonstrate the effectiveness of the designed model. According to SAITEC, the data collection will also provide valuable knowledge about the coexistence of the platform with the environment and other maritime activities.

At the end of this year, we will be able to contemplate its magnitude in the documentary of its construction on the Dmax television channel in the 'Megastructures in the sea' section.

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