Drone by Drone attends Innobasque's Global Innovation Day 2023

Drone by Drone attends Global Innovation Day 2023, organized by Innobasque, this year focused on Artificial Intelligence and Sustainability.

Aware of the possible innovative contributions of drones in both disciplines, we have participated in the round of meetings between companies providing AI services and potential companies or organizations demanding the possibilities that arise when applying this type of technologies.

Following the interventions of Laura Marrón, general director of the Basque Artificial Intelligence Center-BAIC and Alexander Boto, general director of Ihobe, Public Society for Environmental Management, we have learned about six practical cases of Basque innovation. Three artificial intelligence: Arabatubo, Ibermática-an Ayesa company and Ulma Medical Technologies; and many others related to sustainability: Construcciones Fhimasa, Emica Bombas and Fagor Arrasate.

Three Basque companies have shown the opportunities that both Artificial Intelligence and sustainability represent for the Basque Country. Mikel Santamaría, industrial director of Indumetal Recycling; José Antonio Lorenzo, head of the Lantek Data Area; and Iraia Ibarzabal, Chief Growth Officer of Multiverse Computing, led by Leire Bilbao, general director of Innobasque, have discussed it.

The innovative projects that arise from the combination of the application of artificial intelligence to the aerial data captures carried out by our drones are numerous, contributing our efforts to the challenge of sustainability in a multitude of sectors.

We continue moving forward.

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