We participate in the 'Ausarta Project' with Alain Arteagabetia

We are pleased to inform you that Drone by Drone participates in the 'Ausarta Project' helping Alain Arteagabeitia meet the challenges he has established and that we have captured in an Onda Vasca interview with Ángel Plaza. A project whose objective is to show the tools that people with mobility difficulties can have at their disposal.

Within the Amatxo Association (https://www.amatxo.com/) for the promotion of inclusive sport that Alain Arteagabeitia leads, we participate in two very important phases, in order to make visible the enormous work they do in the association and also being able to design immersive therapies to facilitate mental plasticity.

As a drone operating company, we are developing audiovisual material recorded using drones, to make visible the work within the 'Ausarta Project', which includes boxing competition, physiotherapy and augmented reality. In this phase of the project we are recording videos using drones, in some cases FPV type, to be able to dynamically record the training that Alain does, within his very hard work routine.

Furthermore, as we have mentioned in the interview, the implementation of therapies based on flights with FPV drones, in such a way that people with reduced mobility can visualize the flight of the aircraft in first person, as if it seems that the person is flying. , is very rewarding for the mind and helps strengthen the spirit and therefore, provide a better quality of life.

In addition to Drone by Drone, other companies and collaborators participate in the 'Ausarta Project' such as Alberto Romillo (Boxing), Dani Arranz (physiotherapy) or Gorka de la Red (Virtual Reality).

You can listen to the full interview in the following link. We are going to be infected by Alain's positivism and his energetic way of facing life.

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