New group of the drone radio operator course in Bilbao by Drone by Drone

Drone by Drone has completed the delivery of the course to obtain the Radio Operator certificate for a new group of students, during January 24 and 25, carrying out the theoretical and practical phase during both days.

The radio operator qualification allows the UAS pilot to carry out air operations in controlled airspace, being one of the requirements imposed by RD1036/2017 in its article 33.1, which is still in force. It is necessary to have the radio operator certificate from the drone pilot for the flight in controlled airspace and to obtain the relevant authorization from ENAIRE or AESA, both for EASA operations (under European regulations) and for NON-EASA operations (under RD1036/2017 and RD1180/2018).

According to the latest draft of the UAS Royal Decree, in theory, the current Radio Operator certificate remains valid for at least 2 years from the entry into force of the RD UAS, in the absence of defining a validation procedure for the current format by AESA. What does seem to happen when the RD UAS comes into force is that the theoretical part of the certificate will be examined by AESA, like the current UAS piloting certificates in the different categories, leaving the practical part for the flight schools or examiner. authorized by AESA still pending definition.

The students have passed both phases satisfactorily after attending 8 hours of in-person classes, as established in Appendix I of Acceptable Means of Compliance Related to the Training and Certification of RPAS Pilots for Training Organizations.

A great opportunity to continue training as a UAS pilot and prepare for the future.

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