Support to FP Bidasoa for CTR flight by his students of the Drone Specialization Course

Drone by Drone has supported the teaching staff of the Bidasoa Vocational Training Center in Irún to carry out flights using drones in controlled airspace or CTR.

Within the training program taught to students of the RPAS or drone Specialization Course, it is important that they know the administrative particularities and necessary permits for flying in controlled airspace, which is why Drone by Drone has lent its capacity to do so. possible. It is important to emphasize to future drone pilots and professionals in the unmanned aircraft sector the need to comply with legal limitations and know how to request the relevant permits for flight in UAS geographic areas affected by flight limitations.

On the part of the Bizkaia operating company, a prior legal briefing has been carried out, and a verification of all the necessary documentation. Subsequently, demonstration flights were carried out, in coordination with the Hondarribi Airport Control Tower, and an inspection of the photovoltaic installation was simulated in panels installed by the vocational training center itself.

Within the training offer offered this year by the CIFP Bidasoa of Irún, there is the aforementioned Specialization Course, with the aim of training students and future professionals in the UAS sector to build and maintain remotely piloted aircraft, drones, RPAS or UAS, configuring them according to the design characteristics and adapting them to the sectors in which they will provide services, from a professional point of view, guaranteeing safety and efficiency, respecting the regulations in force.

The course training plan consists of 600 hours, including theoretical classes, practical classes and internships in companies, following the dual concept.

The professional modules of this specialization course are the following:

• Unmanned aerial systems.

• Parts and components.

• Electronics and systems.

• Configuration and control.

• Maintenance and testing.

• Professional applications.

• Legislation and application procedures.

We hope to continue collaborating with the CIFP Bidasoa, aware that as a drone or UAS operating company, we have a lot to contribute to the students.

You can collect information about the course at the following link: html

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