Drones at the service of data for more efficient and sustainable water management with AQUADAT

Drones, as a tool for the digitalization of assets and critical elements, play an important role in the more efficient and sustainable management of water, with special attention to the use of new technologies and innovation.

We are pleased to discover that Aquadat, a Drone by Drone client and a company with which we have a special relationship, reflects the benefits of the use of its technologies, among which are unmanned aircraft, in the following article published in the newspaper El Correo:


Aquadat is a company that applies engineering solutions to the water cycle, for its study and digitalization in multiple aspects and uses. In 2023 it has been selected by the Data Science service by BCAM – Basque Center for Applied Mathematics – for the application of tools and algorithms to water resources. Our drones become valuable tools for capturing this data, making Drone by Drone the aerial extension of Aquadat, as demonstrated by the numerous projects and jobs in which we have collaborated. The Nexada project serves as an example for the identification of innovative solutions for intelligent and sustainable management in the water cycle.

We are happy to know that our technology is applied for the good of sustainability and the environment, which results in social improvement for all of us. We will continue working on it hard.

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